Culture of excellence” is our company strategy and our goal for a successful philosophy which has guided our intense activity and strategic plans continually. We are focused on the research, development and production of highly innovative machines for both flexographic printing and converting for the most varied packaging applications and related markets always oriented to satisfy the most demanding market requirements.

A high degree of specialization in each of our product lines is achieved by our vast consolidated market experience and our in-depth knowledge of the dynamic, constantly evolving packaging market. This has ensured the production of technologically advanced printing and converting solutions aimed at our customer’s long-term sustainable growth and satisfaction.

Our unrivalled passion for innovation and the professionalism pursued with personal dedication in all departments has ensured our growth following an upward trend. This has paved our way to a global leadership position among the major manufacturers of printing and converting machinery worldwide.

Packaging is the central pillar of our thoughts and actions aimed at achieving the production of high-performance equipment where quality and engineering play a crucial role to enhance sustainability and efficiency of the whole production process.

Advanced machine design as well as modern control systems and drive technology with intelligent software packages have been developed to reduce energy consumption and minimize production waste.

The constant search for “excellence” has been a successful philosophy which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the others. Our social role aims at providing intelligent ideas and optimized engineering concepts with strenuous dedication and enthusiasm in response to today’s rapidly changing competitive environments which our customers have to face in everyday business.

For all these reasons we feel fully committed to assure reliable performance of our machinery together with top class support of our services in line with the day-to-day challenges resulting from increasingly demanding market requirements and the proliferation of new packaging needs.

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